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About Us


In order to cope with current governmental policies of education internationalization and specialization, the College of Management at National Dong Hwa University establishes the Bachelor Program of Management Science and Finance for international students by incorporating all departments in the College of Management. All courses in this program are taught in English. We hope that this program will fulfill the university goal of globalization and helps students over the world to better understand Taiwan culture. We equip the international students with basic management and finance knowledge as well as the analytical ability so that they can meet the business requisition.

This program is established in 2011 and offers the specialized courses in management science and finance. The students can choose these courses based on their interests and future developments. Through the theoretical and practical courses, the students are expected to be excellent business administration and finance experts. To achieve this education goal and to excel in research, the Program has recruited professors specializing in a broad range of management and financial areas.


  1. Promoting both academic exchange and mutual understanding between Taiwan and other friendly countries; cultivating international students as well.
  2. Cultivating mid-to-high-level management and finance professionals with excellent English proficiency.
  3. Cultivating top management/finance professionals.


  1. English-taught professional courses
  2. Joint-Class of international students and Taiwanese students
  3. Specialized faculty members delivering multi-variate courses as well as expertise

Future Study and Career:

  1. To pursue higher education in first-class graduate institutes worldwide.
  2. To obtain employment from transnational enterprises and financial institutions.

We gladly welcome students over the world to join us for the excitement of learning.